Shane Sprandio Writing 2 – Winter 2019

Formatting for the PBs and WP

• 12-point Times New Roman font

• 1-inch margins

• Double-spaced

• No extra spacing between paragraphs

• MLA or APA formatted in-text citations with an appropriately formatted Works Cited


• For other formatting questions, please refer to A Pocket Style Manual.

Context and goal:

Over these first few weeks, we’ve been working on identifying genres and analyzing how writers

communicate within those genres. In Writing Project 2 we’re going to extend those skills by

focusing our attention on genres that appear within academic communities. In this project, you

will perform a rhetorical analysis of texts drawn from two academic disciplines, or “communities

of practice.” Through your analysis, you will explain the values and purposes of these disparate

communities, and articulate the way in which these values are communicated and revealed by the

genres that circulate within them.

The goal of this assignment is for you to discover the kinds of questions that guide academic

inquiry in different disciplines, and to investigate the way that writing within each discipline

reflects and contributes to these lines of inquiry. The skills we practice in this assignment will help

you to discover disciplines at UCSB and beyond.

What we’re working on here:

-Understanding how the library is organized and how to take advantage of its resources.

-Practicing effective research skills and recognizing and using academic articles in our writing.

-Getting a better understanding of the questions that guide different academic disciplines, seeing

the relationship between these questions and the strategies practiced in these disciplines.

-Understanding how and why different academic disciplines use sources, how they evaluate those

sources in relation to the author’s context, and how to integrate evidence into our writing in

appropriate ways.

-Recognizing rhetorical choices and understanding

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