CITB01 Canadian Cities and Planning Winter 2019

Assignment II: Planning Case Study

A case study is an in-depth examination of a single event, project or initiative, i.e. the case. Think about planning cases as real life examples and your case study assignment as an attempt to link this case to the “bigger picture” (a theory or a larger trend). This assignment is meant to be a continuation of Assignment I. You will write your paper on the case described in the Novae Res Urbis article you chose as a starting point for Assignment I. Again, we strongly recommend you consult your TA well in advance of the deadline. A case study should contain both descriptive (What is the case all about?) and analytical/interpretive (Why does this matter? Why is this so? So what? What now?) elements. The most common research methods students have used for this assignment include: • Library research (including, but not limited to, scholarly materials used for Assignment I) • Internet research (finding information about your case “on the internet.”) • Observation (you can go to the site and have a look, take pictures etc.) • Review of current documents (plans, staff reports, policy memos, reports etc.) • News media Learning objective of the assignment: • To collect and analyze data and information on a planning case, event, or development in the Canadian urban context (Please note that you should confirm your case study selection with your TA or with your instructor at least one week before the due date. • To apply some of the knowledge acquired through researching and compiling the annotated bibliography to a concrete planning case study. • To discuss and make sense of the case study using some of the explanatory frameworks introduced in the course (e.g. different approaches to planning; planning ideas and strategies, the politics of planning; the history of planning; ethics and values in planning; the process of planning, the tools of planning, etc.).

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