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This is an assignment worth 40%,please take it serious. I will upload the detailed instructions and two link you HAVE USED. You work for ReeTall Human Resources Consultants as an HR Advisor Consultant. Your boss has asked you to produce a report/paper that will be given to MoneyMakes Inc., a Canadian client company of roughly 600 employees working in the investment industry. The report/paper will be circulated to the HR department and company senior management of MoneyMakes Inc. The report/paper objective is to look at the growing HR issue of anxiety among employees in the workplace. To help you begin this process read the following article from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an American based HR association: SHRM article: from-mental-health-issues.aspx Paper Content Your paper should be written in essay format but should include the following sections with appropriate headings: 1. Introduction and conclusion 2. What is the concern about employee anxiety in the workplace? 3. What is contributing to anxiety in the workplace (e.g. societal and work pressures)? 4. How can organizations balance employee privacy and managing anxiety in the workplace? Is the idea that organizations manage this issue a conflict of interest? For example, according to the article from SHRM “She believes that HR departments of the future may need to consider hiring professional therapists to augment the employee assistance programs (EAPs) that many companies offer.” Should such support be offered by an organization or from an individual or organization separate from an employer? Explain. 5. List and explain recommendations. Go beyond the recommendations in the SHRM article. e.g. consider building/offices/workspaces design e.g. organizational benefits e.g. productivity and keeping employees working e.g. health and wellness programs

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