What’s more frustrating to soldiers than Monday mornings getting back


What’s more frustrating to soldiers than Monday mornings getting back your 5988E and realizing that all the effort you put into your PMCS didn’t get updated onto the 5988E. As a result, you end up in the cycle of constantly attempting to get your faults updated to get PLL to order parts. At my unit, we have attempted to fix this by getting the unit to take personal ownership of assigned equipment. They did this a few different ways like crews naming the vehicle, painting names on the vehicles to boast ownership, and following up with PLL by ensuring that we report through the chain of command when our 5988E doesn’t reflect parts on order or fault status from the previous week. To aid in this we utilize our mechanic and have them verify and fix any faults that we have parts on hand for. (AR 750-1 2019) This has slowly been fixing our 5988E by ensuring that the faults have the national stock number verified by a mechanic before turning it back in. It’s a slow process that we have been trying to fix but we have been moving in the right direction. With parts coming in regularly we assist our maintenance team in hanging parts and bringing our fleet back to full mission capability.


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