The bike shop that you outfitted with hardware, software, and

The bike shop that you outfitted with hardware, software, and operating system back in an earlier assignment has grown. Now the owners need you to use your knowledge of data storage and databases to manage this growth. Prepare a report in which you explain to the owner the options for data storage, database development, and data security and recommend an overall solution for the organization.

In your report, address the following:

  • Explain the differences between in-house data storage and cloud storage.
  • Describe the advantages of each storage method for a business organization.
  • Explain the differences between databases and spreadsheets. 
    • Be sure to discuss what makes a database relational.
  • Recommend a solution for data storage and system development. 
    • Support your recommendation based on a critical analysis of alternatives. For example, how would a database help to better manage the bike shop’s inventory, payroll, pricing, and expenses over spreadsheets?
  • Describe best practices for database security and data backups.
  • Cite authoritative sources to support assertions.
  • Organize the report so ideas flow logically with smooth transitions.

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