Need this back in 2 hrs no exception 1. Discuss

Need this back in 2 hrs no exception 

1. Discuss two developmental approaches to training and how each approach aids organizations in workforce development. 

2.Describe two learning transfer activities, and identify how each activity effectively promotes knowledge share. 

3. Training professionals who operate in a global environment often face challenges when dealing with various cultural differences. List two challenges that may arise when training across cultures, and give solutions to each one of the challenges presented. 

4. Explain how organizations can enhance performance through learning and development activities. 

5. There are many delivery approaches that can help a trainer deliver the content that needs to be learned. One core focus is to ensure that the delivery style is one that is palatable for all learners. The knowledge for this comes through the understanding of the various adult learning concepts and then tailoring the delivery approach to those concepts. For this question, explain the three major adult learning styles. Then, choose one delivery approach, and discuss the activities in the approach that would best fit each learning style. 

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