In this discussion question, you will have the chance to

In this discussion question, you will have the chance to explore ethical issues of importance for professional psychologists.  Go to the APA website, and look up “Ethical Principles of Psychologists” and the Code of Conduct.

First, choose one (1) of the ethical principles and answer the following questions:  

Why do you think this principle is important?  What difficulties might psychologists encounter when applying this principle?

Describe a real-life situation in which this principle might be used.

In your opinion, how might consideration of sociocultural diversity tie into a psychologist’s adherence to ethical principles? 

Then, consider the video in the Readings and Resources showing Stanley Milgram’s landmark study on obedience. 

In your opinion, does the information gained on obedience justify the means in which it was obtained?  Explain your answer.

Do you think using humans and/or animals in psychological research is ethical?  Justify your answer.

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