Recommended Slide Content: Title Slide (1 slide in APA 7th

Recommended Slide Content:

  1. Title Slide (1 slide in APA 7th edition formatting).
  2. Introduction (1 slide)
  3. History of your emerging technology (1-3 slides)
  4. System Improvements (1-4 slides) 
    1. Discuss how the emerging technology supports (as applicable) 
      • Care Coordination
      • Patient Safety
      • Quality Improvement
      • Cost Containment
      • Patient Engagement
  5. Benefits and Barriers 
    1. Pros (1-2 slides)
    2. Cons (1-2 slides)
  6. Effect of the emerging technology (1-3 slides) 
    1. Ethical
    2. Legal/regulations
    3. Standards [Table 22.1 may give you insoiration]
    4. Concerns/Considerations
  7. Future Focus (1-2 slides)
  8. Conclusion (1 slide)
  9. References (1-2 slides).

Remember to keep your slides balanced without excessive text. You are presenting the information and the slides support your presentation with text and visuals but are not a transcript of your presentation.

Ensure that images and content are cited appropriately.

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