Read the Article , “The movie-made Movement: civil rites of

Read the Article , “The movie-made Movement: civil rites of passage” Actions by Sharon Monteith 

  • Take note of the different themes of various movies she discusses and the overall argument she makes regarding Civil Rights movies.
  • Watch either the movie Just Mercy (2019)or the movie Selma (2014). 
  • After watching one of the movies, write a 4-5 page paper that addresses the following questions: Does the movie you watched relate to one of the themes Sharon Monteith discusses in her article? Consider the argument made from the article, “History has less epistemological hold on movies than memory.” Does the movie you saw prove or disprove this statement? In what way? And, also consider the year the movie came out. What does the theme of the movie say about how society at the time of release “sees” the Civil Rights Movement? Remember, do not structure your paper as a list of answers to these questions. Rather, state a thesis in the first paragraph that addresses these questions and then use evidence from the text or the movie to prove your argument. When citing the movie, just put (Title of Movie, year).
  • Upload your paper by 11:59 pm on Saturday, 12/03

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