This assignment will help you to explain the concept of

This assignment will help you to explain the concept of terrorism, the formation of terrorist organization, their ideological drive, and to explain the challenges terrorists present to law enforcement.

Because of September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks, some people mistakenly assume that “terrorism” is an attack directed at Americans by some foreign groups.  This is partially true.  In this assignment, you will be studying “home-grown” terrorists (which could be an individual or groups).

  • What is domestic terrorism? 
  • Do some library research. Drawing empirical supporting data or evidence, identify a named domestic/homegrown terrorist group. Explain their ideological drive and/or what they want?
  • Identify and explain the characteristics of the group (age, race/ethnicity, social class, educational attainment, location/origin)
  • What are 2 strategies used by the group in recruiting members?
  • What 2 challenges does the individual or the group present to law enforcement agencies?
  • Summarize your post utilizing one theory and 2 related concepts and definitions  

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