WEEK 10 DISCUSSION This week was all about security. We


  • This week was all about security. We looked at security concepts for keeping your personal data and devices secure. Use the Internet to look up some examples of security breaches, particularly in your chosen career field, that significantly affected a business. Share one of the examples you found and tell us how the organization failed to properly secure the data.
  • Why is it important for you as a business professional in your chosen field to know technology security?


 Look back at your response to the Week 1 discussion, copy and paste your response here and then rate yourself on how well you did meeting the identified SMART goals. How did you do on your goals? Which goals did you meet and which did you not? Are you surprised by the result? Why or why not? Feel free to include any other thoughts on how you did in the course. Just keep it professional 



As my first goal, I wish to complete my courses and earn a college degree within three years. 

In addition to staying focused and on top of all my weekly activities, I want to use my time management skills to complete my assignments on time.  

To keep on track, my third goal is to attend the weekly live sessions so I can better understand the concepts learned in the weekly lessons. I have an opportunity then to ask questions and get help if I need it.  

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