paper One You are to conduct research on a country

 paper One

You are to conduct research on a country in South America. Determine the GDP, mean income,
culture, inflation rate and other economic factors.  Determine the feasibility of the US conducting
business with this country.  Explain your rationale.
Minimum number of pages is four excluding your reference page.

Place this page second after your title page.  

paper two 

 Conduct research on the following managers/CEO. Discuss their management style. Compare and
contrast their management style with each other.  If given the opportunity what manager and
management style would you emulate. Minimum/maximum four pages APA format.

Jack Welch
Davis Packard
Sam Walton
Katharine Graham

paper three

 Conduct research on the following employment laws: State the circumstances that led to the
enactment of each law. Conduct research and report cases on each law and the governing agency of
each. Minimum/maximum is four pages APA format.

Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Equal Employment Opportunity
Executive order 11246
Sex discrimination
Immigration and Nationality Act
Landrum-Griffin Act  

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