Mental Skills Training Plan The purpose of this assignment is


Mental Skills Training Plan

The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of how to apply the principles of sport and exercise psychology to Coaching. You will creating a mental skills training portfolio that you can add to your coaching portfolio.

Mental Skills Plan Description

Since the beginning of this course, you have studied the evidence for the effectiveness of mental skills training for performance. For this project, create a six month mental skills plan for sport or exercise performance. Your plan should have a statement of four mental skills that you will address; a statement of the mental skills you will learn, specific strategies for education, acquisition, and practice of these mental skills over six months; and a plan for assessing improvement in mental skills. You should feel free to use any assignments that that you have already submitted for this course.

The following are the requirements for the mental skills training project.

  1. A title page with your name, project title, course number and name, and the date of submission.
  2. A Table of Contents
  3. Your coaching philosophy
  4. A one (1) page introduction that states the sport or physical activity that is the target of your coaching mental skills plan and a list of the 4 mental skills you will address in your season plan.
  5. Create four subsections with headings; one for each mental skill. Make sure each of the following components are in each subsection:

i) A definition of the mental skill and how it applies to your sport or physical activity;

ii) A figure of a time line that outlines when the education, acquisition, and practice phases of the mental skill will be applied to your season;

iii) Descriptions of at least one specific strategy for each phase of MST (education, acquisition, and practice);

iv) A strategy to assess changes in the mental skill; and

v) Any notes or reminders or resources regarding this mental skill that might be useful to teaching this mental skill. Note: this component is optional.

  6. All references (including your text) should be cited using APA format and referenced at the end of your paper.

  7. All text, figures, and diagrams should us APA format. Text should use 12 point font and be double-spaced.

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