FINAL PROJECT Multi-Genre Thematic Unit Plan Select one specific subject


Multi-Genre Thematic Unit Plan

Select one specific subject area for a particular grade level and create Unit Lesson Plan for one week.  No matter what subject area you decide, you must also include an activity related to literacy.  Even if the subject pick is mathematics, you must include literacy (reading and writing) in your lesson.

Instructional Time: ________ (# of days)

Multi-day unit REQUIRED; minimum length = 1 week [2 block days or 5 traditional days]

Learner Outcomes:

Measurable; written in specific terms; related to standards and assessed throughout the unit.

· Content Area Outcomes

· Literacy Outcomes

Materials, Equipment, and Supplemental Resources:

All supplemental resources including but not limited to handouts, activities, assessments, and rubrics referenced in the unit should be attached as appendices. Make sure each resource is clearly labeled.

Instructional Phases:

The unit plan is developed around the content focus AND incorporates teaching strategies, activities, etc., and technology.

The unit plan is organized by the instructional phases. All phases may not be addressed every day, but all phases should be addressed on multiple days. [Use template provided for organizing the unit plan.]

1. Introductory – Before Learning/Reading Phase

Gaining attention/motivation, presenting outcomes to students, and relating to prior knowledge and experiences with the content area focus

2. Developmental – During Learning/Reading Phase – Teacher Facilitation

Presenting content, developing skills and accommodating for learners’ content and learning needs

3. Developmental – During and After Learning/Reading Phase – Student Engagement & Response

Checking for understanding and providing guided/independent practice and feedback to students related to the content focus

4. Concluding – After Learning/Reading Phase

Closing lesson and assessing learner outcomes related to the content focus

Example is uploaded

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