Drugs and Behavior Term Project Content The course project is

Drugs and Behavior 

Term Project Content

The course project is an informative paperr. You are asked to choose a drug from the course curriculum.

Describe the drug entirely. Therefore, state the chemical name, molecular structure, how is it manufactured, drug schedule, in addition to the what, when, where, how, why, of the drug. 

What effects does this drug have on society, and what effects does society have on the drug? 

What are the legal implications and consequences of possessing and/or taking this drug? 

Are there any current treatments for abusers of this drug?

Thinking of choosing either any one of these Drug down below. 






 7 page minimum, APA Format, Times New Roman, 12 pt., Double Spaced, Cover sheet and Reference Page.

 Course Materials: Required Text or E-Book: Drug Use and AbuseISBN-13:978-0-357-37595-2Authors : Stephen Maisto • Mark Galizio • Gerard Connors 

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