Company is: LA fitness Methods (3 potential countries you think

Company is: LA fitness 


Methods (3 potential countries you think may be feasible to enter; company cannot be in these countries yet)

3-Country Analysis (be detailed and support by data)

discuss why you selected the 3 countries 

discuss the 3 countries selected based on the factors you decided as relevant for your internationalization decision (macro – economic, cultural, political, legal and micro factors – industry, competition, consumers etc.)

Provide research supported reasons for your final country market decision

1a) Persuasively justify the process why you selected the 3 country markets (check your book for various categories of selection)

1a) Analyze and contrast the 3 markets and justify the selection of your final country market based on your research results (Include relevant decision criteria for all markets: 

country factors (see worksheet 4)

industry factors including growth rates, competitiveness and competitive landscape, size of the target markets & potential growth of it, consumer trends and outlooks etc.). 

Make sure to use data which is comparable (similar units, data ranges etc.)

2) Summarize your decision points for the specific country market (potentially provide pro and cons for both)

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