Chatterjee (2014) “Knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing,

Chatterjee (2014) “Knowledge management is the process of capturing, distributing, andeffectively using knowledge.” Thisformal definition may be simplyredefined as “management oflearned information asknowledge”, aimed at systemizingthe process of knowledge
management so that the knowledge processes can be organized into a structuralframework (Chatterjee, 2014).

Furthermore, Vaccarezza & Rizzi (2014) an effective and successful change management program should be able to introduce into the organization an understanding of the change and the program that enables the organization to effect change on its own. But this is not enough. Not only is the ability to adapt required but also the ability to “anticipate.” For this reason, it is crucial for every highly complex change management program to be equipped with a strategic tool capable of directing the change: a dashboard that not only monitors the impact of the initiatives undertaken but is also able to provide information that is: forward-looking (i.e., related to the future), systemic (i.e., related to different variables within the organization), and two-dimensional (i.e., related both to the organization’s technical and human resources) Vaccarezza & Rizzi, 2014).

And according to Denning (2012) he points out ten things you need to know about managing knowledge. Therefore, 1) Describe four approaches to lead a change management program, and 2) How do you manage constraints and remove obstacles to knowledge management?


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January 12, 2015, from:

Vaccarezza, A., & Rizzi, G. (2014). Change management dashboard: An adaptive approach to
lead a change program.People & Strategy, 37,46-50.

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