Class notes Parade is a story about a young woman

Class notes 

Parade is a story about a young woman who has been away from home for a while and her family misses 

a sad story about a young woman who accepted her family’s invitation to come back home to be a part of their town’s parade. “…‘Please come for the carnival’ Auntie’s letter had said”(85).  She has been away for quite some time and finally went back home to be with her family. And yet I knew this was not something new and strange, but only that during my time away from here my vision and understanding had expanded” (88).Being a part of the parade opened her eyes and made her realize that her family was parading the tourists in town” “(). she’s her people came back home to her town and 

What are main actions

Return home

The letter

Doing this in mountains

Preparing for what?

Map out stuff before during and after parade

Grace patricia Parade

You and just close reading for the midterm

What kind of relationship to land( land landscape) is depicted in “Parade”?

Would u sy that theres two radical view or relation to nature in the story?

Yes it seems 

Tracing the protagonist

Where i live 


Grace a


Sausage descript

Relationship to land 

Two contra ways of 

Verb tense used phrases 

What conception of time is ther

Interesting metaphor in museum

What happens in a museum to time

Past & present collide



“I felt older than any of them” (89)

What happens to Time?

Outside people were buying and selling

Litegimate ground

Hunter vs hunted 

Explore how one is shape by 

Opp arent just opp

Trace & follow the tension

Attention to how it affects the other and complicate them 

Didnt you see us

Expand it to other moments

What happening 

Culture reference 

Can u find itherparrallel analogues in the siry

Look for patterns

Significance becomes a mere toy but the story begins when the flax was a plant 


What is she trying develop or complicate in this story?

A close reading of last 3 paragraphs


 To a monster****


Its on you to show who we really are

Seashore beach

On the hybrid moment

Seac living breathing

Sand land

Part of your growth

Idea of a threshold

Its liminal spaces

An interesting place that’s in-between 

Land at the market place her

Sea her culture or outsides eyes

Sea is the sight 

Acknowledge place of sea


Singin both at the parade nd at the end

Ancestors came in the canoes and it becomes a historacal

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