The CONCATENATE function is a text function allows you to


The  CONCATENATE function is a text function allows you to merge text from  multiple cells into a single cell.   This function is not limited to  only joining cell texts/values you can also add an additional text or  string as well.  There are several ways you can perform this function:

  1. You can select the function icon and select CONCATENATE and the  function arguments box opens up.  Then in Text1 you select your first  cell and in Text2 you can select your second cell.  If you’d like to  have a space between the texts, you’d just add a space in Text2 and add  your second cell information in Text3.  Finally, click OK and excel will  combined the text in your new cell.
  2. A shorter way is in the cell you want the text to be combined type in an equal sign, 1st cell name, &, and then your second cell name. Hit tab and it’s done.  Example: =A1&B1

Excel examples:



This function can be useful for teachers that managed their  gradebooks in excel.  Making it easier for them to combine texts in  multiple cells. 


Gupta, Aryan (2023, July 19). How to use Concatenate in Excel (with Syntax and Examples). Retrieved from

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