For any given vertical (or horizontal) stretch or shrink, is


For  any given vertical (or horizontal) stretch or shrink, is there a  corresponding horizontal (or vertical) stretch or shrink which gives  rise to the identical graph transformations? Explain your reasoning.  Yes, there will always be corresponding vertical or horizontal shrink  because you are basically creating a mirror image of the curve just at  different coordinate points on the graph. it just depends on what function you use to determine which direction the curve goes, either left or right, up or down.

Describe a process (step-by-step) in your daily life in which  the order of events is important. What would happen if you switched the  order? A process in my daily life would be taking my daughter  to school in the morning. the first step is getting her up in the  morning and getting here ready (washing her face, brushing her teeth,  getting dressed), getting some breakfast, and dropping her off. If I did  that backwards I’m sure the other parents at the school would wonder,  why I’m bringing my sleeping child to school trying to brush her teeth  and get her dressed in her classroom.

Describe a process (step-by-step) in your field of study in  which the order of events is important. What would happen if you  switched the order? The research and development process in the  Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) field is very important. The  first step is always, determining what the objective is that needs to be  met, and what obstacles may prevent you from reaching those objectives.  Brainstorming, and design phase would be next to create a prototype.  The next step would be the testing phase which is the most important to  me. This phase helps make the design safe and make sure it will actually  do the job. In my opinion I don’t believe you can do this in any other  order. you can’t test something that hasn’t been designed or built. Or  you can’t design something without knowing what the objective of the  design is or knowing what issue you may run into because of the  objective you are trying to reach.

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