The non profit is : How to approach this

The non profit is :

How to approach this assignment…

Break down the title – case study – a detailed discussion of a specific nonprofit.

Choose – any nonprofit or non-governmental organization that you would like to know more about. Maybe it is one we discussed in class, one near where you live, or a nonprofit that has a mission that really resonates with you. You may use the same nonprofit you chose for the Market Research Journal or a different one.

Plan – to work on the assignment over the next week at least gathering information relative to the three steps required.

Organize – In this seven-page (includes a cover page and annotated bibliography) assignment, you will be conducting an in-depth analysis of a nonprofit organization’s marketing efforts. There is a three-step process to this assignment as outlined below. You can continue to use the same nonprofit you chose for the market research journal or choose a different one. Since this assignment builds on the first one you may find some of the information you already researched comes in handy, even if you select a new nonprofit to focus on.

Format – These are sites I think you should be familiar with and suggest the use of at least ONE of these sites towards the assignment. The purpose here is to introduce you to sites you may not be familiar with and to apply them in the context of a specified learning outcome, in this case, your Case Study.

Length | Appearance – seven pages including title or cover page and five APA reference citations as part of your annotated bibliography. Please try to find references from 2017-present if possible, and from different sources. Please use 1-inch margins, 12-point font, double spacing, and page numbers. Please exclude excessive blank space between paragraphs or blank pages. Exceeding seven pages is fine. Please submit your completed Case Study in the Assignment Folder.

Step 1 – Intro to the organization

  1. The name of the nonprofit organization you will study.
  2. The organization’s mission statement
  3. An annotated bibliography of at least five researched references you used to find information on your nonprofit. Please include a brief description of why you chose each reference/source, following each citation. PLEASE do not include an additional references list or bibliography, as that would be redundant and take up content space.

Step 2 – Marketing situation and target audiences

Continuing with your selected nonprofit organization, Step 2 of your case study will be your analysis of the organization’s marketing mix (remember those four P’s). Include a discussion/diagram of two target audiences. Please use a Venn Diagram here as an analogy to compare the similar/non-similar characteristics and attributes of these audiences. This helps to recognize common needs and establish economies of scale for resource allocation.

A Venn Diagram is a graphical illustration of the relationships between and among sets of data, groups, or objects that share something in common. The Venn Diagram is made up of two or more overlapping circles that show all possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets. The Venn Diagram uses illustrative circles to show areas of overlap and separation between data.

Venn Diagram

Step 3 – Environmental Scan

Select one of the target audiences identified in Step 2, preferably the target audience most closely aligned with the organization’s mission. For example, the American Diabetes Association targets doctors, diabetes educators, patients, families of patients, and donors. The primary audience is patients with diabetes. These five criteria compose your summary report of this paper. Demonstrate your understanding of each of the following:

  1. State in your own words, the value proposition of the nonprofit towards your selected target audience.
  2. How might the organization facilitate the exchange of its value proposition with the target audience?
  3. Evaluate the competitive position of your organization (hint: might use a SWOT Analysis here).
  4. Comment on the organization’s branding strategy, is it a recognizable brand, why?
  5. What types of communications strategies is the organization currently using or could be using? Think about traditional media and social media here.

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