First: 1. In your own words, how would you describe


1. In your own words, how would you describe the social model of disability? 

2. If you feel comfortable sharing: do you identify as disabled? If so, what does this word mean to you? Do you have friends or family members who are disabled? What do you think this word means for them? 

3. If you identify as disabled, how does this aspect of your identity interact with your other identities (eg. race, class, gender, sexuality, citizenship). If you do not identify as disabled, why do you think it is important to center the experiences of disabled people of color when discussing disability justice? 

4. Why is it important to look to Black, Brown, and Indigenous disability justice activists in this this time of crisis?

5. What work needs to be done (on an individual or societal level) to de-stigmatize disability? Are there ways you are able to be involved in this work? 


Your assignment will be to submit 2 pages (double spaced) of notes. As you take notes, keep in mind:

  • you not need to cover every single point made by the speakers
  • jot down any terms that are confusing or unfamiliar to you– as the event goes on, you can add details about each term as they get defined and explained
  • include any questions, doubts, or personal reflections that emerge for you as the conversation proceeds
  • please feel free to type or hand-write and upload your notes. You may use any images or visual tools that feel helpful!

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