You are the Chief of Police in your town. While


You are the Chief of Police in your town. While meeting with the town manager, I informed you that your department must undergo a police reform initiative. Because of your extensive knowledge of various leadership theories acquired while attending Curry College Masters in Criminal Justice Program, you have decided that the “Transformational Leadership” style is the best model to manage such a significant change initiative.

In the transformational leadership model, you learned how important it is for a leader to articulate their vision to others. One way of doing that is through personal stories. This final project asks you to develop an authentic story that you could use to convey your vision of community policing and how it enhances officer safety in your community. The story should involve lessons you have learned about yourself, about other people, about leadership, or life in general. Some questions to prompt reflection and recognition:

· What people have had a significant impact on your life, and why?

· What hardships have you faced and overcome?

· What are the greatest blessings in your life?

· What do you really, really believe?

· What ideas make your heart skip a beat?

· What do you know about life now that you wish you had known in high school?

· What is the one best piece of advice you could give to a person?

· What life lesson would you like to pass on to your children someday?

· If you only had one year left to live, how would you spend it?

Think beyond clichés (e.g., Love makes the world go round) to insights that are unique to you. For example, how might others benefit from hearing your story? How does the story point to your vision as a leader?

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